Ambition Burns Ambition Burns

Ambition Burns

| Ongoing
Anna Love
23 years old Alanna Jones is determined to crush her first love 27 years old Jake. While Jake would give everything to see her smile genuinely at him instead of the Sinister smirk she shoots his way every time, Alanna enjoys trampling on the heart of the sole heir of Dragon Empire. Ambitious, dominant, devious and dreadfully ravishing she wrecks the peaceful foundation her enemies laid during the 7 years of her absence starting with toying with the scheming mother and daughter dou residing in her house. "Each and every one of them will pay, after all... I never had a thing for being nice." She deadpans gripping JR tie harder. Is her marriage only a tool for revenge? Or will old Sparks reignite? More
Chapter 78 You just bit the hand that fed you!
2023-06-08 04:00