Taming His Cold Heart Taming His Cold Heart

Taming His Cold Heart

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"You killed your own sister" his deep voice bellowed in the room. I could literally feel my legs shaking like a jellyfish. Tears welled in my eyes. I definitely didn't expect him to find out the truth so soon but he did. There was no love in his eyes anymore. Just pure hatred. He walked towards me slowly. I wanted to move away from him but I couldn't bring my legs to move. I could feel life leaving me each time he took a step forward to me. His eyes getting redder by the minute.All I could see was Hatred. Finally he got to me and before I could say anything, he grabbed my neck in a firm grip. The tears in my eyes finally fell as I struggled to breath. My legs were no longer on the ground. I was choking. "I'll make you pay dearly for her death" he vowed. ******* Lisa and Lia were twin sisters. They were literally identical. They were so close and loved each other until Lia was raped on their birthday. She blamed it on her twin sister and accused her. Lia died from poison. Who poisoned her? Still unknown Yet Lisa was blamed by everyone for her sister death. A cold and heartless billionaire who was feared by everyone comes to marry Lia.Now she will have to take Lia place and marry him. What will happen when her sister lover realizes that she isn't Lia but just her twin sister? More
Chapter 45
2023-06-06 10:53