The Unwanted Possession The Unwanted Possession

The Unwanted Possession

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“Why did you choose my wife," Arya asked his own wife, but was possessed by Gracy. As soon as she heard his voice, she turned away from the mouse. Her hands and lips were covered in blood as she turned her face towards him. He was appalled by her hands and lips, but she drank it. "I wish I were still alive to hear your voice," she said slowly, crawling on the ground towards him. This novel is about Eloise and Arya, a married couple whose lives were turned upside down when Eloise was possessed by the ghost Gracy, who previously loved her husband Arya, a software engineer. But why did Gracy choose Eloise's body to complete her unfull fill sex desire and take avenge of her death from Arya. Will he be able to save Eloise and put an end to Gracy's vengeance if he just has twenty days? More
Chapter 110 The End
2022-11-05 16:45