The Untitled Luna The Untitled Luna

The Untitled Luna

| Ongoing
Claire Ethridge's life took a dark turn when her father, the beta of their pack, was accused of being a traitor. Her parents were killed, and she was left alone to survive as a rogue. With the determination to prove her father's innocence, she struggled to survive on her own until she met Killian Morgan, the alpha of the biggest pack in the city. For a moment, she thought she had found happiness, but it was short-lived when Killian discovered her connection to his mother's death. Rejected and pregnant, Claire fled and settled far away, where she met another alpha named Bryce, who led a small rogue pack. Despite her initial skepticism, Claire learned to trust Bryce and his pack. Years passed, and her son started to ask about his father. Claire is forced to confront her past and decide whether to seek out the man who left her all those years ago. More
2023-09-11 00:05