The Frozen Throne The Frozen Throne

The Frozen Throne

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Iafleur never thought that touching a vampire’s dead body would change her life forever. She was but a mere human who works as a Secretary to the Human Council in Eibrellion City. But her life would soon take a turn when she told them about the dead vampire she found. The Human Council had then given her a mission to find the long-lost Vampire Kingdom. Iafleur would team up with her longtime friend, Dracyan. But her journey to the bloody path also opened a doorway of romance for her and him. But things would only turn out for the worst when the rumour spread about the Eldentri planning to resurrect the Vampire Queen, the very being that everyone feared. What could a mere human like her do to stop the upcoming war? Would Iafleur even survive her journey towards death and save humanity or would she end up betraying them? More
Chapter 48 The Vampire Queen’s Return
2023-08-26 20:16