The Alpha's Rejected Mer The Alpha's Rejected Mer

The Alpha's Rejected Mer

| Ongoing
Timmy Jimmy
?Warning: Contains explicit sexual content and vulgar language. ×°~×°~×° "Hazel, what are you doing to me? Why am I feeling this way? I want to kiss you," Dallan rasped in a gruff voice... Dallan is the alpha of the silhouette pack. In a bid to please his people, he occasionally goes out to hunt down weaker creatures who could serve the pack, capture them as workers or slaves. On one of such hunts, he captures Hazel, a mermaid, for the powers her specie is rumored to have. What Dallan never expected was for the goddess to pair Hazel as his mate. He did not also expect to fall madly in love with her and get his feelings reciprocated. She falls deep into his heart—and bed. Hazel will never be accepted as his mate since it is considered a forbidden affair. Now the both of them must strive against everything pulling them away from each other, break traditions just to protect their love. More
Chapter 58 Trouble?
2023-07-31 19:16