Mated To My Father's Mistress Mated To My Father's Mistress

Mated To My Father's Mistress

| Ongoing
*HIGHLY RATED AND GRAPHIC CONTENT. TRIGGER WARNINGS. READERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED.* ELORA My face stung as I staggered even more. I blamed myself for not expecting the slap. Ethan lashed out again, and again. Left cheek, right cheek, left again. I fell backwards, my vision went blank for a moment. He didn't stop. He picked me up from the floor and threw me across the room, causing my ribcage to collide with the table that was at the center of the room. I yelped unable to help myself. It hurt that I was weak. How was I supposed to protect my family I was terrible at protecting myself form a mere idiot? My hands began to tremble from the pain as blood rushed to my head. I placed a hand on my side and struggled to stand up. "You fucking bitch!" Ethan said walking over to me. By now all the attention in the room was on us. He walked to me and picked me by the hair, examining my bleeding face. Then he pouted like he cared. "Oh, no! Did I hurt my mate?" he said with mock concern, his right thumb running across my bleeding lips. I closed my eyes, this time expecting the pain that was coming. I made sure to detach my body, to endure the pain. "Are you okay, My Love?" He mocked a little more. And with those words, he lifted my face and banged it against the table. I fell to the ground with a broken nose. There. I hardly felt the pain. I was proud of myself. Elora, the daughter of the beta of Darwin Pack was subjected to hell when her father was framed as a traitor and killed for the wrongs he didn't commit. The perpetrators sold her to the Lycans when they saw her as a threat. She was sold as a slave who ended up becoming the breeder to the Lycan king. She'll do anything to protect her frail hearted mother and helpless younger siblings even if it means selling her innocence to a man who despises her existence. More
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